Snow, An April Fool’s Joke?

Good morning Philadelphia. What a surprise it was today, waking up to falling snow in April – the ultimate April Fool’s Joke! At least it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite rain boots. What I am loving about all the new rain boot styles, is the variety of colors and looks they come in.

Banana Republic, Roman Equestrian Rain Boot, $99.00

These are the rain boots I own, and believe me, they have been my staple this winter. What I love about these, is that they resemble a riding boot, which makes for a much classier look. Another plus, they match with everything!

Target, Smith & Hawken Tall Gardening Boots, $24.99

While the caption for these boots says gardening boots, there really is no difference between gardening boots and rain boots. They serve the same purpose. What I love about these, is that they are wide-width boots, meaning there is extra room at the top for your leg. Comfort and style.

Bloomingdale's, Steve Madden "Tsunami" Rain Boots, $79.00, Side View

Back View

These boots just call to me. Steve Madden is one of my absolute favorite shoe designers. What I love about these boots, is the bright red power color and the detail. From the side they look like a riding boot, but the zipper in the back adds a modern touch. You won’t feel under the weather sporting these!


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