Shopping Hiatus

I have been on a shopping hiatus for a couple weeks now (must save money)…I know, it’s horrible, but I have found a sneaky way to get around it. I am not allowed to purchase any clothing or shoes, which leaves me with shopping for food (not fun), or beauty products! While I would much rather buy clothes and shoes, and in large quantities of course, shopping for makeup and beauty-care products can also be fun. Here are some of my favorite new beauty purchases.


Maybelline Mineral Powder, $8.99, Participating drugstores and retailers


I am usually not a fan of powder makeup, until my friend introduced me to this new product. It is very light and works well to hide any imperfections. I would compare this product to one of my favorite brands Bare Minerals, just at a more affordable price. Since it is made out of minerals, it is much much better for your skin – watch out for anything with oils in it!






Suave Naturals, Mango Mandarin Body Lotion, $4.49, Participating drugstores and retailers


On a budget? Buy Suave. Suave products are so affordable and come in many delicious scents. I absolutely love scents. I probably could spend hours in Bath and Body Works just smelling all the products…actually I have… I have the travel size of this body lotion, which was a free item with one of my mom’s purchases (she gifted it to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The mango mandarin scent is just so refreshing and opens your senses – perfect for a dreary rainy day like today.





The Healing Garden, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, $7.50,


No, I do not yet have wrinkles, but don’t be so quick to judge – this product is amazing, and why not take early preventive steps? This cream will make your face feel like silk. The only problem, The Healing Garden Company went out of business, so the cream can only be bought on Hurry up and buy yours before I buy up their stock! Actually, I also got this face cream from my mom when I visited my parents last weekend. Guess I really didn’t spend that much money on beauty products after all!


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