TOMS Shoes

TOMS is such an amazing shoe company, and I can’t believe I am just discovering them now. With every pair of TOMS someone purchases the company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need. It’s known as their “One for One Movement.” Watch the video for more information – it really made me realize how much I take for granted. Do you KNOW how many shoes I own?!

Now TOMS shoes might not be for everyone, but you could always buy them for a friend? Personally, I like how they look and they are just what I need, not to mention I love the elephant pattern inside the shoe. My foot has been fractured for quite some time now, and I am not allowed to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. This really narrows my selection. After my shopping hiatus, you will definitely see me sporting my new TOMS. From the choices below, which should I choose?

Olive Canvas Womens Classics, $44

Navy Canvas Womens Classics, $44

Black Canvas Womens Classics, $44

To purchase a pair of TOMS for yourself, visit


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