New Readings

I feel inspired to write something since I just finished another fabulous Chick Lit novel. Yes, Chick Lit. I am always a sucker for this genre, and I know what you’re thinking, “Those sappy “love” books, written for women?” Yes, THOSE, but really, that’s not what they are. In fact, I just wrote a paper on Chick Lit, defending the genre’s honor, and it is now a goal of mine to write a Chick Lit novel (look out New York Times Bestsellers list!). What is so great about this genre, is that each book is written by women for women, addressing issues that are faced by women everyday – they are easy to relate to. Here are two of my favorite most recent reads.

My mom read this book and handed it over to me. I just finished it a couple of hours ago (when I should have been doing work). It is a novel about a slightly larger woman and a man she meets through a “bet.” The story line is hilarious and really adorable. The ending is a little sappy, but for a hopeless romantic like me, I didn’t mind too much. This would be a great beach read for the summer!

I loved this book. I actually met the author Jennifer Weiner previous to reading any of her novels. I really liked her personality – she was so humble, even though she had achieved such success as a writer. After this meeting, I decided to read one of her novels. This novel is also about a larger woman, and all the things she must go through and deal with in her life. Even though the title may infer otherwise, the novel deals with some serious issues. I would recommend this novel, and any of Jennifer Weiner’s works. She is a great writer.

What are you currently reading or have read that you would like to share?

I am always looking for book recommendations!


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