Team LC

I’ve always been a Lauren Conrad fan (team LC!). From Laguna Beach to The Hills, yes I followed her…don’t judge, but when I heard she had a clothing line at Kohl’s I will admit that I was a little skeptical. The other day I checked out the clothing line for myself, and I was actually pretty impressed. When speaking to one of my co-worker’s about her designs, she was also impressed. Most of the clothes stay true to her own personal style. That is they are rather “flowy” with floral patterns, and details such as ruffles and frills. Here is a top modeled by her from her collection.

Kohl's, LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Camisole, $34

She also has a brand called mark., which sells cosmetics, jewelry, bags, and clothing through AVON. I have actually purchased a few items from mark. and really like them. The brand seems to be getting rather popular. Here is a mark. dress I bought a while ago and absolutely love it. It’s a really interesting pattern, and has a zipper that goes all the way down the front of the dress. Matches with many different shoes.

AVON, mark. Paint the Town Dress, $30

In addition to these two lines, LC is launching a new clothing line called Paper Crown. There is no word yet on how the pieces will be priced or where they will be sold. The line will include many basics such as blazers, silk blouses, cocktail dresses, etc…

Paper Crown

In addition to her three lines, LC also has three books in her L.A. Candy series. My friend convinced me to read these, and I was honestly so entertained. They are all a spin-off of the life of a reality TV star – you would be shocked how much of reality is actually “reality.” She also just came out with a style book called Lauren Conrad Style, which I have not been able to read just yet.



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