Ellen Tracy

Ellen Tracy is my new favorite designer, well label to be more exact. Ellen Tracy was founded by Herbert Gallen in 1949, and originally designed only blouses. The company has now branched out and has all different types of clothing as well as perfume and housewares. Here is one of my favorite pieces I own by Ellen Tracy.

Ellen Tracy, Brown Tank Top, Marshall's, $12.99 (originally $29.50)

I love this tank top for its simplicity (and the fabric is AMAZING!). The design is rather basic, but the zipper on the side adds just the right amount of detail. This is how the majority of the company’s clothes are – simple, refined, with tiny details. Everything can be dressed up or down, and this is something I really look for in my clothing. This tank top is from Marshall’s, but Ellen Tracy clothing is also sold at Macy’s, and housewares can be found at Sears.

A fun fact I learned while researching Ellen Tracy (yes, I frequently google search designers and brands), is that Cindy Crawford used to be the lines muse! In 2002, Cindy Crawford did a photo shoot for Ellen Tracy at the Hudson Valley Ridge. Sometimes there are certain photo shoots that I just LOVE and this is one of them – Cindy Crawford’s photograph by the water is just beautiful. Click the link below to see!


Old Cindy Crawford for Ellen Tracy Ad


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