Floral Prints

I went out to dinner with my friend the other night (whose birthday was yesterday-Happy Birthday!!), and she requested I write about the new floral-pattern trend. She just recently bought two new dresses with tiny little flowers on them and just adores both. Florals, prints, and colors of ALL types are very in this season. Here are some of my favorite floral pieces for the Spring/Summer season.

LOFT, Gina Tulle Flower Sandal, $69.50

I love, love, love flower accents on sandals. The flower accent on this sandal is very interesting, because it is white and black and made out of tulle, while the rest of the sandal is a snake-skin print. Classy yet edgy.

Overstock.com, Scarlett Women's Floral Printed Sheath Dress, $49.99

There are many reasons I love this dress. For one, this dress combines a bold, blue color with a large floral print. I really like the large flowers on this dress, because it is rather unusual – most floral patterns are smaller in size. I also like that the flowers are white instead of a brighter color – this adds an interesting contrast to the blue.

Banana Republic, Silk Floral Tie-Waist Blouse, $58.99

This is a great example of a floral blouse with smaller details. What I like about this blouse, are the basic neutral colors because they are easy to match. I also like the simple tie in the middle of the waist and the flowy sleeves. Very simple yet chic.


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