Spread Your Love

I read about the Spread Your Love Project, over at Fresh Out Of Lemons and thought it was such a great idea, that I jumped at the chance to participate myself.

I love myself.
Three simple words, that unfortunately in today’s world are seldom heard.
We are always trying to fix those little problems that we think are wrong with us rather than embracing what the universe has blessed us with.
You should love yourself whether you are tall or short, or thick or thin…
remember that you are beautiful.
To help spread this message and help every woman realize her true beauty
Victoria of Garden of Eden Designs and Lindsay of Scenic Glory,
are asking you  (fellow bloggers, designers, crafters, and writers)
to come together and share why you love their-selves.
We as a community should show that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.
It is our spirits that should shine through.

So here we go…I love…

Yes. You read that correctly – my devil brow. I was born with an eyebrow that sticks up on one side. My friends and family have joked for years that it is my “devil brow.” Legend has it, that while my mom was pregnant with me, she got electrocuted from changing a lightbulb. Hence the devil brow!


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