Banana Selling on eBay

It is my ultimate dream and goal to own a little boutique one day, but alas I do not have the proper funds to do so (not yet!). I have been selling books on for quite some time now, but wanted to start selling clothing as well. Since I am a self-proclaimed (and friend and family proclaimed) shopaholic, I often either a) wear the clothing I buy once or twice b) don’t wear the clothing at all (or even take the tags off) or c) have my “favorite” pieces which I wear over and over again. Many times I end up just giving my clothes away, so yesterday I put my first item of clothing up on eBay. Here it is!

Ebay, Banana Republic, Front of Silk Dress, $20.00

Ebay, Banana Republic, Back of Silk Dress, $20.00

Click here to see the dress as it is listed on eBay.

eBay buyers and sellers, any suggestions?


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