British Hat Tradition

If any of you watched the Royal wedding, or saw the pictures of it online afterwards, you must have noticed all the hats that the English wore to the grand event. I seem to have an obsession with anything British (especially after falling in love with the country years ago from a short visit), and this hat tradition fascinates me. I did a little research to find out why the hat-craze is so popular, and while I couldn’t find a direct answer, I found some interesting tid-bits.

-The tradition goes back many many years when women had to wear hats to churches, and continue to do so today.

-Hats are mostly worn to the “poshest” (I know this probably is not a word) English weddings and social events. At these weddings, the royals will be seen wearing hats as well as the direct family of the couple.

Here are some photos of this years Derby race hats, which took place in Epsom, England.

Princess Kate and Prince William

Queen Elizabeth

Princess Beatrice


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