Top Shop

I was just at TOPSHOP (Kate Moss’s clothing store) for the first time ever, and I have to say I liked a lot of the designs. The designs are very modern and even a tad edgy, and the British influence is very apparent. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

TOPSHOP, Multi Animal Print Insert Colour Block Tee

The actual top I saw in the store had a black top-half instead of the peach color shown here. I was instantly attracted to this shirt. Animal prints are just my style, and what I love about this tee is that the top-half is made out of a mesh see through type of material. This makes it a little fancier.

TOPSHOP, Black Straw Twist Lock Bag

What a cute bag! This is the perfect little cross body bag for the summer. The straw material gives it more of a summer feel, while the leather trim and twist lock make it rather chic.

TOPSHOP, JOELLE Camel Peep Toe Court Shoe

I love how simple yet classy these shoes are, and the color is beautiful. I’m a huge fan of browns, tans, and camel colors. Peep toes are great for the summer when you need to dress a little fancier, but still show off that pedicure.


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