Inspirational Woman

I just recently read an article on about Mamie Walton and was quite inspired by her positive attitude. Mamie Walton is an 80 year old philanthropist who resides in Chicago. Here are a few quotes from her interview that I really enjoyed.

“I spend at least 30 minutes each day at the ballet barre.” (She’s 80! Reminds me of my amazing grandmother, who goes to the gym).

“I believe that positivity and showing interest in other people helps you look better.”

“I always wear heels. My friends ask me how I walk in them.  I say: very well.” (By far my favorite quote from the interview. I don’t even wear heels that often, and I am a lot younger).

To read the full interview on click here.

Mamie Walton In Her Heels



One response to “Inspirational Woman

  • Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons*

    Some of my closest girl friends are in their 50’s and 60’s, plus my employer is almost 80, so I have a really positive perspective on aging. (Though I don’t love the here-and-there strands of grey hair that I’m getting at 31.) Going to read the rest of the interview!

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