Summer Shoes

I love the tan-shoe trend that came about last year – such an interesting look. It’s especially a great look in the summer, when you have your pick of tan wedges, heels, sandals, you name it (just don’t forget that pedicure 😉 ). I don’t indulge myself in many beauty treatments, but when sandal-season arrives I confess, I’m the first one at the nail salon. Here are two tan-shoes that are going on my wish list.

Lucky Brand, Meghan Dark Latte Heel, $69.99

I love this heel of course because of the color, but also because of its wood finish platform. While this might make the shoe a little heavier, it creates a nice natural look.

Steve Madden, Heathh Sandal, $89.95

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a larger picture, but I love gladiator romanesque sandals. These are made out of leather, and I almost never buy a shoe if it is not made out of leather – this is becoming harder and harder to find!


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