Summer Endings

Since summer is winding down (and I am currently on summer vacation!) I’d like to share with you my summer “staple” pieces – just for kicks. It’s always interesting to me, when I take “inventory” of my clothing, shoes, bags, etc., and realize that I really only wear a few things over and over again. You’d think this would be incentive enough to perform a “closet cleanse”, and make room more for more clothing that I will inevitably buy, but this is never the case. There are certain things I just can’t part with! A good rule I have recently heard: If you haven’t worn it within a year, then get rid of it. Here are my personal “staple” pieces this summer.

Bass, Sandals

I like to call these my gladiator sandals. They are quite worn (as is noticeable in the photo) and I just bought them this summer! What I love about these shoes, is that they have a small wedge in the back, but are so comfortable because of the cushioned material they are made out it. While the way a shoe looks is very important to me, comfort is equally as important. Why walk around in a pair of beautiful shoes if your feet will hurt for days after?

Crocs, Slingback Flats

Crocs is my brand for summer shoes. Really, there are three pairs of Crocs shoes I would alternate wearing this summer, including the above pair. Who knew that rubber shoes could be so comfortable and…cute? What I love about Crocs, is the way the company has expanded into creating more fashionable shoes, such as the ones seen in the picture above (one of my favorite pairs).

H&M, Linen Pants

I love linen pants. Especially for the summer, and especially these. Linen is light and breathable – perfect for chillier summer nights. Army green is one of my favorite clothing colors, and it’s easy to match. In addition, these pants are capris, and wearing capris (at least to me) always screams warmer weather.

What were your “staple” pieces this summer?


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