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Designer Spotlight: Cynthia Rowley

It is not very often, that I come across a designer or a brand where I like practically every single piece. Lately, when shopping, I have been drawn to pieces by Cynthia Rowley. What I love about her pieces, is that they are very versatile but classy – that is they can be worn or used in a number of ways, without losing their initial style or look. Cynthia designs not only women’s clothing, but also men’s clothing, children’s clothing, eye wear, handbags, shoes, sewing products, along with many other products. Pictured below is a Cynthia Rowley coat, which I recently purchased.

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TJ Maxx, Cynthia Rowley Wool Coat, $49.99 (orig. $100)

Cynthia Rowley Wool Coat Details

What I love about this coat, is first of all that it can be worn with anything, and is perfect material for fall. Secondly (and this is my favorite aspect), I love the detail – the detail on the sleeves matches with the detail around the neck. Tres chic!