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Alexander McQueen at the Met

After reading all the hype about the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met in NYC, I was finally able to go last week! I found the exhibit to be interesting yet…strange, and actually a bit creepy. I know that McQueen has always been known for his controversial and shocking designs, but after seeing a number of them placed side by side at the Met, I was more or so…what’s the word…frightened? I felt like the exhibit really highlighted McQueen’s inner disturbances, which perhaps was part of his popularity. I have realized that while I call myself a “fashionista” I don’t necessarily like the “show” that goes along with fashion. This may be why I love LOFT so much, because the clothing is simple yet chic and available for every-day wear. It is much more practical.

What I was impressed with, was the way McQueen created pieces out of different textures and materials. For example, a beautiful dress out of real feathers or real flowers.

Here are a few photos of some of the designs included in the exhibit…taken before the security guard yelled at me “No photos allowed!” 😉

Feather head-wear.

Red feather dress.

Sea shell dress.

Black jacket and dress.

Asian influenced dress.


Sofa Shopping

My friend and I went sofa shopping the other day, since she is moving into a new apartment and needs a new addition to the family room. We visited many stores including Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, The Container Store, and of course made a little pit-stop at LOFT. I really love this type of shopping – it’s so much fun looking at different designs, colors, and materials, and the way different pieces are laid out in the store to compliment each other. I’ve always thought I’d be a great interior designer. 😉 Afterwards, we headed over to a cupcake store for a little treat. Here are a few of my favorites from our little shopping venture.

Crate and Barrel

I loved the simplicity to these decorations – perfect for a summer home near the beach.

Crate and Barrel

A few years back, I worked at a furniture store that sold pieces with these types of designs. It’s a little hard to see, but the design is of birds and branches. My friend Felicia wasn’t keen on this print, but I thought it was interesting. This is the type of piece I would use to add some contrast in a room.

Crate and Barrel

Felicia and I both loved this comforter. We are both big purple fans, and this is such a vibrant and pretty purple.

Crate and Barrel

Hello Manhattan! I love this look for a stylish, comfy, little apartment in the city. Black and White photographs are my favorite, and the flower in the picture is an orchid, which is by far my favorite flower.

Post Shopping Treat

What’s NOT to love about all these cupcakes?!

Do you have any suggestions for where Felicia could find a stylish yet affordable sofa?

Floral Prints

I went out to dinner with my friend the other night (whose birthday was yesterday-Happy Birthday!!), and she requested I write about the new floral-pattern trend. She just recently bought two new dresses with tiny little flowers on them and just adores both. Florals, prints, and colors of ALL types are very in this season. Here are some of my favorite floral pieces for the Spring/Summer season.

LOFT, Gina Tulle Flower Sandal, $69.50

I love, love, love flower accents on sandals. The flower accent on this sandal is very interesting, because it is white and black and made out of tulle, while the rest of the sandal is a snake-skin print. Classy yet edgy.

Overstock.com, Scarlett Women's Floral Printed Sheath Dress, $49.99

There are many reasons I love this dress. For one, this dress combines a bold, blue color with a large floral print. I really like the large flowers on this dress, because it is rather unusual – most floral patterns are smaller in size. I also like that the flowers are white instead of a brighter color – this adds an interesting contrast to the blue.

Banana Republic, Silk Floral Tie-Waist Blouse, $58.99

This is a great example of a floral blouse with smaller details. What I like about this blouse, are the basic neutral colors because they are easy to match. I also like the simple tie in the middle of the waist and the flowy sleeves. Very simple yet chic.

New Buys

I just recently bought two new dresses that I am so very excited about. The one dress is from LOFT (where else?) and I got an amazing deal on it. It was originally $79.50 but I purchased it for around $10.50 (30% of sale price). What a steal! Really, this made my day. I think I may have been born to shop. The other dress is from Vera Wang’s line at Kohl’s and it was also on sale for less than $20, with an original price of $68.

LOFT, Black Sweater Dress, $10.50

LOFT, Back of Black Sweater Dress

I have been looking for the perfect black sweater dress for YEARS – sadly, this is not even an exaggeration. There are some pieces of clothing, which I label “staple” pieces, and this is one of them. What I love so much about this dress (other than the amazing price) is that it is classy, yet can also be worn out. I also love the zipper on the back of the dress, which only reaches about mid-back. This makes the look a little more modern. There’s a quote from Coco Chanel that I always remember, “A woman without a little black dress has no future.”

Vera Wang, Spring Dress, Under $20

Vera Wang, Spring Dress Details

I am a big fan of Vera Wang’s designs because everything she makes is so in style, yet never too “out there.” It’s not too revealing, not too flaunty, but somehow catches your eye. I love this dress for these very reasons. First of all, I think the colors and designs are beautiful. The colors are very fall-like, yet the dress is more of a Spring/Summer dress. I also love the tiny details, like the ruffle down the front, the huge pockets, and the simple fabric-tie belt. Many times, the simpler the better.

My apologies for the strange lighting in the pictures…I have bright fluorescent lights.

Top 5 Spring/Summer Trends

1) Fuchsia Lip – When I think of a fuchsia lip, I automatically think of Taylor Swift. Her lips are always accentuated in some type of color. She’s been quoted saying it is her favorite feature to “brighten.” If you don’t like crazy lip colors, try some of my favorites below.

Nivea, A Kiss of Shimmer, $2.99

Clinique, Long Last Glosswear, Air Kiss, $14

2) Shirts with flair (my favorite kind!) – This means ruffles, frills, lace, and bow ties. I love all these little accents. They just add something to a simple basic tee, making it look a little more feminine and chic. The top below a piece from New York & Company’s new collection. I love shopping there for tops because they always keep up with the newest styles at affordable prices.

New York & Company, Mercer Ruffled Tiered Tank Top, $22.95

3) Uncoordinated colors – This is another one of my favorite spring and summer trends. Who says you have to match perfectly to look fashionable? I’m loving all the bright-colored sandals and flats for this season. Don’t be afraid to pair them with a completely different color shirt or pair of pants. I love the wedges below by Madden Girl – I just wish I could wear them! No wedges allowed with my foot. 😦

Madden Girl, Klenn Printed Wedge Sandal, $39.95

4) Cross-body and messenger bags – I will need to get on this trend and buy myself one of these bags. I think I have major back and shoulder problems from the huge over-stuffed bag I carry. Maybe I should just carry less… The strap for these bags cross all the way over your body, adding much-needed comfort and support. I like the Coach bag below, but I feel like it’s a little small for me. Perhaps I can use it for traveling. Any suggestions of what type or brand to get?

Coach, Sutton Signature Swingpack, $128

5) Blazers and trenches – I’m really loving this trend. Blazer’s are now coming in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are much more versatile, and can be paired with work clothes as well as normal clothes. I personally like wearing a blazer with skinny jeans and some cute shoes. As for trench coats, what can I say they are always in. I have quite a collection of Spring/Summer jackets… Here’s a blazer from LOFT. I clearly have an obsession with that store. I love the color of the blazer below – it’s taupe, but with a purple tint.

Loft, Linen Blazer, $98

Easter Greetings

This Easter, my brother and I took a short road trip to visit my parents. My mom, who is an amazing cook and baker (unfortunately, I inherited none of her talents), surprised us with some delicious treats. Take a look at her creations! Not only were they absolutely delicious, but oh-so-pretty to look at.

Vanilla Cupcakes With Vanilla Icing and Toasted Coconut (yum!)

Chocolate Lasagna With Cream and Cherry Layers

And here are a few pictures of my Easter outfit. You will be shocked when you learn where I bought that dress…

Dress: BJ's, around $20, Blazer: LOFT around $30, Scarf: Inherited From Grandmother

Jacket: Bloomingdale's, Aqua, around $100

Flats: Macy's, Aerosoles, around $50

Yes, that dress is from BJ’s, as in the wholesale food store. I know what you’re thinking “You shop there for clothes?!” Well no, usually that is not my first choice for clothes (LOFT is!), but this dress really caught my eye, so I figured why not try it. I just loved the pink pattern on the front. Surprisingly, BJ’s has a large selection of designer clothing at very affordable prices.

The jacket in the second picture is a couple of seasons old, but always brightens up any outfit. It also matched perfectly to my BJ’s dress!

While I would usually never pay $50 for flats, it is necessary for me to wear comfortable shoes because my foot has been injured for some time. Heels are out. 😦 These were a great purchase – I would recommend them for anyone who does a lot of walking and wants something stylish but comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Photo credit goes to my wonderful mama.