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It Pays to be a Shopaholic

I have found the perfect reason to continue my shopping addiction. Statistics show…shopping is good for your health! According to the September 2011 issue of Women’s Health, women who shop more frequently may be prolonging their lives.



Jersey Shore Getaway

This weekend my boyfriend (who writes for vorochta5.com, check it out!) and I ventured to the Jersey Shore for some much-needed R&R (and no, unfortunately we had no encounters with Snooki). I grew up spending my summers at the Jersey Shore (specifically Wildwood), and was very excited to be visiting again. It’s always nice to return to a place of familiarity, and the beach always reminds me that there is a much simpler and quieter way to live. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

So relaxing.

Wading in the water.

I must brag a little about the top I am wearing in this photo (once a shopaholic always a shopaholic…). I bought this BCBG top at Lord & Taylor on clearance for around $13.00. What a steal!

Tandem bike riding.

Taking a break from riding a tandem bike – honestly, this is so much harder than it looks!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

Banana Selling on eBay

It is my ultimate dream and goal to own a little boutique one day, but alas I do not have the proper funds to do so (not yet!). I have been selling books on half.com for quite some time now, but wanted to start selling clothing as well. Since I am a self-proclaimed (and friend and family proclaimed) shopaholic, I often either a) wear the clothing I buy once or twice b) don’t wear the clothing at all (or even take the tags off) or c) have my “favorite” pieces which I wear over and over again. Many times I end up just giving my clothes away, so yesterday I put my first item of clothing up on eBay. Here it is!

Ebay, Banana Republic, Front of Silk Dress, $20.00

Ebay, Banana Republic, Back of Silk Dress, $20.00

Click here to see the dress as it is listed on eBay.

eBay buyers and sellers, any suggestions?